Recycling Centre

Recycling Centre

BootyToots got a wonderful mention in a recent Blog called 'Recycling Centre' by Live for Our Future, which also includes some great information about sustainable choices.
Its a great reminder about how we can all make small changes that will help create a sustainable future.



Booty Toots Bamboo Cloth Reusable Nappies

What can I do?
First and foremost, brush up on what can and cannot be recycled. The amount of individuals who think that take away coffee cups can be recycled is astounding. They cannot be! (although certain brands do exist that are biodegradable) but the majority can not be recycled. Disposable Nappies/Diapers is another big one. For obvious reasons the recycling of these  is not possible. 

The good news is, there are alternatives. Almost every coffee shop I visit now offer a cheaper coffee for anyone who brings their own coffee cup. I recently witnessed a customer being refused a take away coffee cup because he wished to dine in, but preferred drinking from a take away cup (for some strange reason). Change is happening. And its all positive. Disposable nappies/diapers are becoming a thing of the past. There are now some fantastic alternatives out there. (No they are not the giant beach towel like nappies secured with a safety pin we had when we were kids) They are slimline, sustainably made and drastically reduce waste. One particular brand BootyToots (seriously though how good is the name!) have created an amazing selection of reusable nappies made from bamboo cloth. Sustainable materials and no landfill waste. Its a huge win.