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BootyToots update

While the whole world has been riding this crazy rollercoaster of Covid-19 the BootyToots family closed the little shop and went into home isolation and got busy behind the scenes.

We (by we I mean me) I make this operation sound like a big business but its just little 'ol me and my adorable little family.

Anyway, with all this extra time at home with my family I decided to dive into a second release of BootyToots goodies. After 3 years of cloth bumming my babies I have taken notes of whats worked for us and what accessories and other products are most useful when taking care of the little ones.

So after all the planning our final samples are on their way here for one last test run and quality check.

We have so many goodies on the way like bamboo cotton inserts, boosters, OS covers, art smocks and we are most excited to receive the stock of our take on the old school Terry Square Nappies. Softer and more absorbent and oh so versatile!

So keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram for some exciting new products coming soon.

Edit - We have also started stocking the most amazing little accessory! Check it out HERE!

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