Newborn Nappy ~ Oliver

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Suitable for the newest little member of the family. These itty bitty newborn nappies fit from approximately 3kg - 5kg.

These cloth nappies have a beautiful soft micro-fleece inner lining to help keep moisture off delicate new skin. The newborn nappies also include easy to use velcro waist fastening for quick nappy changes so they can be back in mummy or daddies arms before they know it!

The newborn nappies feature double gussets with a soft inner leg gusset to help prevent those newborn blowouts! (if you haven't experienced newborn poop yet then let this be a warning, double gusset protection is a must!)

There is a super soft 48cm long x 8cm wide bamboo cotton snap in insert that can be fastened at the front of the nappy (under the PUL tummy panel)

FYI ~ Newborn nappies make great doll nappies once your little one has out grown them ;)