Why Cloth?

The Look

Modern Cloth Nappies come in a massive range of colours and patterns to suit everybody's tastes. Plenty for boys, girls and even a huge uni-sex range to keep you covered with multiple babies. With so many amazingly cute colour/pattern options you won't want to cover them up.


Cloth Is Better For Baby

You know exactly what's covering your baby's sensitive little bottom when you use cloth nappies. Disposables have all sorts of chemicals all wrapped up in hot plastic. I'll admit i do use disposables occasionally while we are out and about for convenience but i always notice my baby's skin is always slightly red and extra hot after being in disposables compared to his soft breathable cloth nappies.


Easy To Use

No folding, no pins, no soaking! Simply flush away any solid waste and place your soiled nappies in a booty toots wet bag until you are ready to wash them. If you don't use a liner simply rinse off with a nappy sprayer before putting in the wet bag. Throw nappy inserts and covers all together into the washing machine and then hang in the sun to dry and voila!


Better For The Environment

In Australia, 800 million disposable nappies from domestic waste systems are delivered to landfill sites for disposal each year. They may take up to 500 years to biodegrade. This means that every used disposable nappy ever made worldwide and dumped may still be buried underground for generations to come. By taking advantage of modern fabrics and best practice laundry methods, reusable nappies use less energy, land resource and water to manufacture and care for than single use nappies. Reusability on multiple children means that cloth nappies are the most environmentally sustainable nappy option.


Cloth Is Better On Your Wallet

There is an initial upfront cost when purchasing cloth nappies but you'll save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run. Using a brand such as Huggies who has 70% of the market in Australia cost approximately $2500/$3000 over 2.5/3 year period. Cloth nappy prices vary depending on brand but at an average of $25 for a one size fits most nappy and buying a quantity of 24 (full time use on one child) is $600.